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Watch the video from Chris Lavigne of Wistia as he presents great tips on how to shoot video using an iPhone

  1. For recitations, orient the camera (phone) in LANDSCAPE mode–horizontally, not vertically, oriented.
  2. Use a tripod or some means of stabilizing the shot
  3. Light the subject well and adjust the exposure
  4. Use a quality microphone and place it as near to the subject as possible. The use of lavolier or other body-mounted microphones is highly encouraged.
  5. Move the camera closer to the subject in order to get the correct zoom, rather than using the digital zoom
  6. Remove any visual or auditory distractions


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  1. Leave a 3-second quiet section before the recitation begins
  2. Edit out any introduction or conclusion sections. The video should consist solely of Scripture being recited.
  3. Do not overlay any graphics.


Submit video via Vimeo, Google Docs, DropBox, or iCloud

Send your recitation video to us via one of the following methods:

  1. Post it to the By Heart Ministry Vimeo account. Please email to get Vimeo credentials that you can use.
  2. Add the video to your Dropbox account and send the URL of it to
  3. Upload the video to your Cloud Storage account (e.g. One Drive or iCloud) and then send the Share Link to
  4. Upload to Google Drive and then email to by inserting a Drive Item into a Gmail message providing a download link.

NOTE: The file size will be too large to send the video via WhatsApp


Some videos in our archive were filmed before the creation of our submission standards. These videos fall short of the current quality threshholds, but have been "grandfathered" in since their creation preceded the new guidelines.

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