We help you speak Bible passages confidently

By Heart encourages and prepares people to quote Scripture from memory, speaking it in a way that is natural and understandable.
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Understand God’s Word

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Share God’s Word

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Encourage God’s People

Imagine yourself speaking Bible passages…

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We’ve found that preparing for and delivering a Scripture recitation is the most efficient and longest-lasting means to understanding the Bible and sharing it with confidence.

Members enjoy these benefits

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A Library of Recitation Videos

Be inspired and challenged by seeing recitations delivered by people just like you

By Heart Workshops

Members are eligible for workshops covering recitation preparation, leadership, and advanced topics

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Tools to help you prepare

Custom, purpose-built resources for selection, memorization and study of Scripture

We Have Been There

Let’s not candy-coat it. Reciting combines the situations that cause most of us to recoil. Standing in front of a large audience and giving a speech –and not just any speech, but one without notes, that you have memorized, and the audience has a good idea about what you are supposed to be saying.

Getting to the point of being prepared can be a long road. Read below from those who have gone before you and learn how they faced their particular challenges and whether it was worth the effort.

3 Steps to a terrific Scripture recitation

Select a passage...
Commit to the specific passage you will recite and the date when you will recite it.
...understand it...
Research the context and intent of the message and the appropriate tone of voice.
...then say it!
Speak the message in a way that aligns with the original intent.

With our approach, you will be successful.

By Heart exists for people like you, so you, too, can memorize, understand, and speak God’s word. Click the button to join our community and enjoy the benefits awaiting you. Discover a deeper appreciation for the Bible and a new way to connect with your church family.

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