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Scripture recitation starts here.

Learn about the three basic phases of recitation.
Decide: Select a Passage & Recitation Date

Begin by choosing the type of passage you’d like to recite—a story with special meaning, a clarifying teaching, or a passage of praise that resonates with your heart. Once you’ve chosen a text, set a recitation date. Talk to your pastor or coordinator and give yourself at least a month to prepare.

Understand: Prepare with Research & Practice

Now focus on analyzing, understanding, and memorizing your passage. Use the “Verses Bible Memory” app for memorization, and practice reciting out loud. Join a study group or use the Bible study available at to help you understand the original intent of your passage.

Say It: Speak the Word with Confidence & Clarity

With your passage prepared, it’s time to share it on stage. Practice at least once, including your introduction, and assign someone in the front row to prompt you if necessary.

On recitation day, you’ll be ready. Use this checklist for
a successful experience:

"I'm still unsure about reciting"

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Others have felt the same way. Here are some stories from people like you that will grow your confidence.

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