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By Heart fosters healthy relationships with people and organizations that value biblical understanding.

Our church support organizations

International Baptist Convention

The IBC’s ministry leadership conference in Croatia in March of 2021, which included a By Heart recitation workshop, was a groundbreaking event in the development of By Heart and introduction of Scripture recitation to the member churches of the IBC. The friendships and trusting support between By Heart and the IBC continue to grow.


By Heart has equipped hundreds of people to speak God’s Word confidently.

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Our Publisher

Zondervan is an international Christian media and publishing company and a founding member of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA). Zondervan is the commercial rights holder for the New International Version (NIV) Bible in North America and according to the Zondervan website, they are the largest Christian publisher.
The Art of Reciting Scripture book cover
The Art of Leading Scripture Recitations book cover

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By Heart YouTube
subscribers and viewers

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By Heart Instagram
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Partnering with By Heart

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Technology creators

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Church support organizations

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Seminaries and theological institutes

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Language translators

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Videographers and video production companies

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Speech and debate associations

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Bible memory organizations

By Heart’s mission is to promote Scripture recitation so that it becomes a natural part of Christian
worship services, discipleship programs, and outreach. If you would like to partner with us,
please send an email to info@byheart.org or call +49 15208645137.

What does By Heart offer in partnership?

We collaborate with partners to create, develop, and disciple. To achieve our mission, we are building an international network of members and affiliates. Your motivation to partner with us may be one or more of the following:
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Workshops for reciters, leaders, and schools

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Tools for selection, memorization, and study of Scripture

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A video library of recitations

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Connections to a community of Scripture reciters

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Social media channels promoting Scripture recitation

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Two books on Scripture recitation

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Curated collections of Bible passages

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Nonprofit Oversight Organizations

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By Heart (EIN 87-4161552) is recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Brock Klein

Co-founder of the Verses

Brock Klein is the co-founder of Verses, the world’s best Bible memory app and is currently developing the second generation to make it available across all mobile platforms as well as desktop and prepare it for multi-lingual upgrades. By Heart has a mutually supportive relationship with Verses and plans to co-develop an app for By Heart that covers the entire reciter experience.

Érika Blanco


Érika’s clear concepts for graphic design are responsible for By Heart’s brand development and are evident in our brochures, banners, and influence over every aspect of our appearance.

Dan Kristian Deriquito


Our newest relationship is with this talented videographer who is skilled in using video to convey emotions, tell stories, and communicate truths. Our commentary series of videos showing reciters talking about their journeys has developed from this relationship.

ConvertCraft Digital MArketing

Website Developer

ConvertCraft rebuilt By Heart’s website in 2023 to align with the By Heart brand and make for a more welcoming experience.
ConvertCraft is a marketing agency that is more interested in accuracy than seduction and is By Heart’s ongoing website administration and development team.

ConvertCraft has given By Heart confidence both in the technology and in presenting its mission.

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