Reciter Workshop


Introduction to Recitation

In our first 90-minute session, we discuss how Scripture recitation is not only an excellent discipleship activity, but also leads to a new perspective and deeper understanding of the Bible. Video clips, demonstrations, and discussion will conclude with your selection of a passage to recite.


Recitation Bible Study

Using a Bible study guide developed specifically for reciters, you will have time to consider the conditions and relationships that brought your passage into being and which influence the tone of the message. Resources provided in our first session will help you with recall and mastery of the passage.


Clarifying your message

In our second 90-minute session, we guide you through a series of activities to help you accurately express the intended meaning of your passage by using tone of voice, emphasis, and pacing. We finish with key exercises and practices that will ensure your success.


Coaching sessions
Get additional practice speaking your passage aloud. These coaching sessions are best done in the same space in which you will be reciting. This allows you to become familiar with every aspect of your delivery.

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