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Art touches us. It is painted, sculpted, welded, and folded into our lives. It cannot exist separate from us, even if it is confined to the interior of a museum. In a similar way, the Word of God touches us, and powerfully moves us. It cannot be constrained to exist solely within the walls of a steepled museum. When visual art is combined with spoken Scripture, there is an elegant synergism. The works of art on this page are paired with Scripture and, together, are meant to resonate.

Danielle described the painting, saying that “David is an example of someone who understood the power of potent praise, and his life was blessed because of it. This painting is based on 2 Samuel 22:1-24 which provides a vivid description of how the Lord supernaturally descended from heaven and rescued David out of the hands of his enemies.”

"2 Samuel 22: The Rescue of David" by Danielle Harth (

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