The Process for Preparing to Recite

  1. Decide if you want to do an individual recitation or a group recitation
  2. Decide on a passage and Bible version to recite
  3. Team up to form a recitation discipleship group with someone who has recited before

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  1. Practice out loud!
  2. Conduct a study of the passage. See chapter 7 of the Art of Reciting Scripture for a guideline
  3. Use The Bible Project to help understand the context
  4. Use a Bible memory app like “Verses”

  1. Determine the Tone, Tempo, Inflections, and Body language
  2. Pratice onstage in the location where you will be reciting
  3. Refer to similar recitations in the recitation Video archive


  1. Show up early
  2. Rehearse with your “on-book” person
  3. Complete the pre-recitation checklist (see chapter 11 of the Art of Reciting Scripture)
  4. Ask someone to video record the recitation

  1. As an experienced reciter, you may want to come along side somebody else to disciple them through the recitation preparation process
  2. Do the same recitation at another venue. If you recited at a Sunday Service, maybe you’d like to recite to a Sunday school class, or a soup kitchen, to a small group ministry, at another church. Even at family camp
  3. Select your next passage, gather a team, and start afresh with a new passage

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