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Let’s not candy-coat it. Reciting combines the situations that cause most of us to recoil. Standing in front of a large audience and giving a speech –and not just any speech, but a speech, without notes, that you have memorized. Add to this potent mixture that the audience has a good idea of what you are supposed to be saying.

Getting to the point of being prepared can be a long road. Read below from those who have gone before you and learn how they faced their particular challenges and whether it was worth the effort.

Charity Jacobs

Charity’s recitation Story: Recitation is about God being at work in the reciter, changing me and preparing me to be a vessel to carry His

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Colin Earle

I always considered memorization a relatively private thing and didn’t really want to share in front of the whole body. It was probably encouragement from

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Connie Johnson

I’ve never enjoyed getting up in front of an audience. Ironically, when I was young, I recall doing Bible memory verses in front of my

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Ellie Courtis

Ellie’s recitation Story: My favorite thing about reciting is that, by the way I emphasize certain words in a passage, I voice more than words,

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Jeff Norton

My first recitation was Acts 20:28-32 (Be on your guard…). Reciting really made the passage come alive for me as I had to put myself

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Peter Schmitz

Peter’s recitation story: Scripture recitation is so much more than Scripture reading. Instead of concentrating on the book I was able to concentrate on God

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Ryan Awori

Ryan’s recitation story: The most lasting three minutes I ever prepared for. Recite on stage once and the Word dwells in you for life

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Stephen Gibbons

Steve’s recitation Story: Committing my baptismal passage (Titus 3:3-7) to memory has been a beautiful experience. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving because

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Tim Porter

Doing recitations is always a pleasure for me. I enjoy reciting passages from the Bible mostly for the fact that it forces me to be

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