There have been clear times in my life when I have felt the need to express my faith and beliefs through can be so powerful

Born in Australia in 1957, but raised in Papua New Guinea, David attended a boarding school in Brisbane before studying Horticulture at Queensland Agricultural College. He had varied work experience until taking up teaching in 1987 with his wife Wendy. They have three children – Holly, Samuel and Grace. David has been drawing, painting and printmaking for personal pleasure since preschool days and currently teaches Art at Allora State School.

He has won prizes in a number of regional competitions over the years. Some photos of his work can be found on facebook under the name “TheArtybloke” and several prints are available on Etsy…  also under the name “theArtybloke” (couldn’t quite match the spelling)

Six degrees of separation

24 cm x 37 cm
Expresses the academic conundrums that Nicodemus presented to Jesus... I can imagine him trying to get his head around all the angles but Jesus cuts through all of the intellectual arguments and gets to the heart of the matter. Jesus comments on the darkness and light might well be supported by the print as well.

Cunningham’s Vision

Oil on card
570 x 570 mm
I have placed Cunningham on crest of a hill, his ‘burning bush’ to the right and behind him. He is looking up to the pillar of cloud which leads him forward through the hills which have parted like the waters of the Red Sea, making a way for him and his followers. Cattle and other animals are close behind but this is not a good portent, for the settlers bring habitat destruction with them. ringbarking trees and exposing much of the fertile country to erosion and degradation as they claim their new territory.

The Hope

Oil on panel
910 x 910 mm
I think it captures the hope that farmers of parched lands have when they see summer clouds building. On a spiritual level, the composition and light remind me of some of the great paintings of Christ’s transfiguration and ascension, so I think that the title is appropriate.

Underneath are the Everlasting Arms

Pencil, charcoal and conte crayon on 300gsm hot press watercolour paper
420 x 590 mm
I must have been full of the wonder of becoming a parent because I particularly remember feeling “lifted up” as I was working on it and it only took me about ten hours to complete. The title of the drawing comes from Deuteronomy Chapter 33 verse 27 where Moses is blessing the twelve tribes of Israel and exhorting them to go forward with confidence…. ‘The eternal God is your refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms”.

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