We are the people of his pasture

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Psalm 95:3-7
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We are the people of his pasture

Understanding our position as the people of God’s pasture, and also understanding the greatness of God, helps us to properly worship Him. We have some natural sense of awe or appreciation of greatness when in the presence of someone that our culture regards as great. However, it is even more appropriate for us to deeply regard the one true God.

The people of His pasture

God is the master of creation and we are the work of his hands, the people of his pasture. Understanding our position, that of being cared for by the good shepherd, encourages our gratitude and worship. The psalmist includes humanity itself among God’s creation. We owe humble worship to God because He made us. Worship is an obligation that the creature owes to the Creator.

Let us bow down – a reminder to worship

“It is not always easy to unite enthusiasm with reverence, and it is a frequent fault to destroy one of these qualities while straining after the other.” (Spurgeon). The three main verbs in Psalm 95:6 are all connected with the idea of getting low and being humble. The redeemed have at least two great reasons to humbly worship God. He is both their Maker and their Redeemer. They belong to Him twice over, in both creation and redemption. This recitation is a stirring reminder that we come before an awesome God who is worthy of our praise and worship.

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God’s way and man’s ways

The stark contrast between the way of man and the nature of God is highlighted…

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