Contentment with godliness

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1 Timothy 6:6-12
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Contentment with godliness

Godliness is gain

Paul is compelled to talk to Timothy, one more time, about the false teachers and their teaching – which had done so much to disrupt the congregation that Timothy was pastoring. As a contrast to what these unhelpful teachers were promoting – godliness as a means to financial gain–Paul counters by saying, in verse 6, that, in fact godliness IS a means to gain. They’re right. But not financial gain. The gain that comes through the pursuit of godliness is not something that you can put into your wallet or purse. It is not something that increases the size of your bank account. Paul says godliness is not something that leads you to financial prosperity. Rather, true godliness – as evidenced by one of its fruits: contentment – IS gain. To put it another way, godliness is its own reward.


Discontentment is not a function of what we possess, but rather, is a function of what we cherish. The determining factor in contentment is whether Christ alone is enough for us. As long as Christ is not enough for us, as long as we have set our heart’s affections on other things, and we imagine that we must have them or we cannot be fulfilled – as long as we think that way contentment will elude us.

Godliness or idolatry

The desire for riches leads people into temptation and into Satan’s trap – into situations where the person is invited, on a regular basis, to sacrifice personal integrity and to engage in all kinds of moral compromise – and then take and lay these things – like so many sacrifices – at the feet of their idol. Paul, in the face of a lot of false teaching on these things, counters the unbiblical idea that godliness is a means to financial gain – with the truth that godliness IS a means to gain – but of a very different sort. It is a means to gain, firstly because godliness is its own best reward. But it is also a means to gain because the contentment that accompanies true godliness will safeguard the believer from the idolatry of riches and the self-destructive path that it so easily sets us upon.

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Mishal’s clear and impassioned plea causes us to re-evaluate our core wants and needs in light of Biblical truth. This is how a recitation can affect people, speaking naturally and without pretense as Mishal does. You may have passages that you love and would like to share. You should do it. Everyone can recite passages from the Bible, even you! Learn how at the By Heart website and see other examples of people just like you reciting from the Bible. They took the time to study, memorize, and speak words of truth. You can too! The Art of Reciting Scripture is a book that details how you take a passage and turn it into a blessing for many and a step in your personal spiritual growth.



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