Passage: Titus 3:3-7
Duration: 49 seconds
Date of recitation: 2019-10-13
Location: International Christian Fellowship (ICF) - Oberursel


By his grace

This passage is a poetic description of how God saves us through renewal and rebirth. Rather than depending on our good deeds, God rescues us on the basis of His mercy. When a person accepts Christ, they experience “regeneration,” meaning a spiritual cleansing. God generously gives us the Holy Spirit and forgives our sin through His grace.

Renewal from the detestable

Paul continues to remind Titus that they were both once equally foolish, enslaved by their own various passions and pleasures, and engaging in all the detestable activities that are embroiled within the world system.

Mercy to rebirth

Then comes the crescendo to which Paul has been moving, for he reminds Titus that it was only by the grace, kindness, and mercy of God that Christ was sent to save them. Not because of their own good works or righteousness which are considered by God to be filthy rags, but according to His mercy through the washing of regeneration, and being made new and clean and whole by the cleansing Word of the Holy Spirit which has been poured out, by God’s grace, to everyone that believes in Christ.

About this recitation

Stephen’s decision to recite Titus 3:3-7 was because this passage was spoken at his baptism. As an adult he came to the Lord and experienced the renewal and rebirth described in the passage. You may have passages that you love and would like to share. Everyone can recite passages from the Bible, even you! Learn how at the By Heart website and see other examples of people just like you reciting from the Bible. They took the time to study, memorize, and speak words of truth. You can too! The Art of Reciting Scripture is a book that details how you take a passage and turn it into a blessing for many and a step in personal discipleship.

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