To nourish the heart of believers through live encounters with the holy spirit while sharing truth from Scripture

About the Recitation Ministry

Our Mission

When the words of the Bible are spoken clearly and humanly, then the message is also clear and human. We endeavor to encourage and support churches, organizations, and individuals who would like to share Biblical truth through recitation.

Recitation is meant to encourage and inspire us all to make God’s Word a natural part of our lives; to speak it in a way that connects with our hearts and honors our Savior.

the Recitation Journey

The Recitation Ministry is an extension of the spiritual discipline of Scripture memory. Reciting means that you will learn a Biblical passage intimately and then share it by speaking it aloud, from memory. It is a challenging process of discipleship that is meant to develop you personally as well as to provide a witness that influences those around you.

As you progress through the process, you will also learn the patterns that will help you to disciple others within your church family, to inspire your family at home, and to spread the message to your community.

Reciters decide on a passage, either one they pick, or one that is proposed by someone else, and then memorize it. Maybe you have already decided on a passage. If not, check chapter four in this book for tips on how to choose a passage. Once you decide on a passage, you will spend time studying and memorizing the passage (refer to chapter five for memorization techniques). As you do so, if you are diligent, you will discover your voice to present the message as it was originally intended. It is only at this point that you will earnestly turn your attention to how you will animate the passage.

Recitation resembles acting, but it is not. Whereas an actor endeavors to portray someone that they are not, a reciter is presenting something that they are and strive to become. Acting is comparatively easy, since it is so creative. Recitation must stay true to both the intent of the passage as well as to the character of the reciter. I’ve found that reciters have their biggest challenge in just being themselves when reciting—not imitating an orator or injecting “flair,” but by being disciplined and staying true to their own character as they deliver the message of Scripture.

During rehearsals, you will have a chance to examine the nuances that are unique to the passage, including tone and phrasing, that resolve it into a natural, animated, communication. The goal is for you to speak the passage naturally—not like an actor or an orator, but like yourself, as you would talk to your friends.

Beginning your recitation journey, understand that your purpose is as much about the development of others as it is about you. Recitation fits within the discipleship model, which means that as you grow, then you will also help others to follow in your path.

Our Core Values

A recitation should always be a special event. If it is dogmatic and perfunctory, it loses its value. There are some foundational guidelines we adhere to in trying to keep the recitation dynamic.


All of the really good photographs were the work of Manuel Mildenberger, whose patience, keen eye, and diligent pursuit of quality have been a huge blessing to this ministry.

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