Video Techniques

We will show you how to use the incredible technology that you may already have available. There are lots of websites that can help in preparing you to create your own recitation videos.

Video Archive

Our extensive video catalog is great for either re-experiencing a recitation or experiencing them for the first time. With each video you will find the associated Bible Project video, text from the Bible Gateway, and other videos in the same themes.

Video Submission

Share videos of recitation with which you are involved. After all the time invested in preparing for a recitation, the video is not only a wonderful evidence of commitment, but also a valuable resource for anyone who uses the video as a reference in studying the Bible.

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Use your Narrative voice to bring Ruth, Solomon, Peter, the Prophets, and so many more stories alive

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Give voice to the praise of your heart with psalms and exaltation. Declare the glory of God and deity of Christ


the voice of wisdom, counsel, and admonishment to shape lives

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