This multi-lingual recitation focuses on the coming of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 and adds supporting verses from Psalms and Isaiah. The multiple languages give an impression of what the moment felt like.

This is a wonderful opportunity to include people who would prefer short passages to recite, but there must be one strong reciter (Reciter #1). This example specifies certain languages, but there is no dependency on these specific languages. Instructions in this script will help to create a feeling of many languages being spoken at once, which should create a feeling of discord, which is then resolved with the coming of the Holy Spirit.
Passages include:
• Acts 2:1-12
• Isaiah 60:19 (in English and French)
• Psalm 19:1(in English and German)
• Psalm 65:8(in English and Mandarin)
• Psalm 31:21 (in English and Hindi)


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