Passage: 1 Corinthians 11:17-32
Duration: 153 seconds
Date of recitation: 2016-03-27
Location: Valley Bible Church - the Crossing Campus


Correcting an abuse of the Lord’s Supper

The Corinthian church was fractured and divided and that expressed itself in the abuse of the Lord’s Table. Apparently, a group of well off Corinthians would gather early and feast on the communion bread and wine to the point where they were full and drunk. Paul reminds them that the Lord’s Table is about the family of God fellowship with Jesus and that this act is one that builds love for God and humility in community. At the Lord’s Table we express that we have been redeemed by Jesus and belong to Christ as a family of faith.

Community of the Lord’s Supper

Few things in our world point to friendship and fellowship more than sharing a meal with someone else. We have people over for dinner to get to know them or to express friendship. In the ancient world this was magnified; sharing a meal was a sign of deep relationship and it was a tool that built fellowship. Jesus would have meals with people the society looked down on as sinners and therefore he was called a drunk and a glutton himself. To share a meal was to associate with someone else, and Jesus was not afraid of guilt by association.

The Lord’s supper in the modern church

The Lords Supper is designed for the church to express and sustain community with one another. In contemporary evangelical churches we can often view the Lord’s Supper through an individual lens of our own personal time. There, with Jesus, we reflect upon our sin and meditate on Christ, which is good, however, this passage communicates something more corporate in nature. This text of scripture shows how the Lord’s Supper points to the church being shaped by the gospel.

About this recitation

Tim presented a passage that was very hard-hitting. It takes a special person to recite a stern passage and still express kindness to the audience. Tim’s excellent recitation shows how reciting Scripture reveals the personal qualities of the reciters themselves. You may have passages that you love and would like to share. Everyone can recite passages from the Bible, even you! Learn how at the By Heart website and see other examples of people just like you reciting from the Bible. They took the time to study, memorize, and speak words of truth. You can too! The Art of Reciting Scripture is a book that shows you how to recite. Taking a passage and turning it into a blessing for many and a step in personal discipleship.

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