Art touches us. It is painted, sculpted, welded, and folded into our lives. It cannot exist separate from us, even if it is confined to the interior of a museum. In a similar way, the Word of God touches us, and powerfully moves us. It cannot be constrained to exist solely within the walls of a steepled museum. When visual art is combined with spoken Scripture, there is an elegant synergism. The works of art on this page are paired with Scripture and, together, are meant to resonate.

Danielle described the painting, saying that “David is an example of someone who understood the power of potent praise, and his life was blessed because of it. This painting is based on 2 Samuel 22:1-24 which provides a vivid description of how the Lord supernaturally descended from heaven and rescued David out of the hands of his enemies.”

Danielle Harth
"2 Samuel 22: The Rescue of David" by Danielle Harth (

Born in Australia in 1957, but raised in Papua New Guinea, David attended a boarding school in Brisbane before studying Horticulture at Queensland Agricultural College. He had varied work experience until taking up teaching in 1987 with his wife Wendy. They have three children – Holly, Samuel and Grace. David has been drawing, painting and printmaking for personal pleasure since preschool days and currently teaches Art at Allora State School.

He has won prizes in a number of regional competitions over the years. Some photos of his work can be found on facebook under the name “TheArtybloke” and several prints are available on Etsy…  also under the name “theArtybloke”

There have been clear times in my life when I have felt the need to express my faith and beliefs through can be so powerful
David Woodford
“The Christian themed art that I create is not an attempt to depict a likeness, nor an image of anything to be worshiped here on earth, or in heaven above. My art is created to point all people to Jesus Christ who is worthy of all of our honor, glory and praise.”
Mark Lawrence

Mark became a born-again Christian after he went through tough financial times in the early 1990s. To help ease his stress, he once again picked up his paintbrushes and began rediscovering his love of art and painting. It was also during this time that he began his habit of reading and studying the Bible every day seeking God’s wisdom and direction for his life.

After exploring many different painting styles and techniques, Mark began experimenting with new digital computer technology to transform and enhance his art. The endless range of creative possibilities that this technique afforded captivated him.

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